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We, supply Archery Equipment for Training made of Bamboo.

Archery equipment includes the following:

Bow, Arrow, Chest Guard, Arm Guard, Finger Tab, Quiver with belt, string, Point, Target paper, Buttress, Target Stand, etc.


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Wooden Bow

We provide Wooden Bow. Prices on request.






Other Options Available                                                     Technical Specification
• Wooden bow(Stabilizer)                                                      • Bow With Arrow rest
• Wooden bow(T/D Senior)                                                   • String Fast Plight
• Wooden bow junior                                                              • Three Piece
• Wooden bow senior                                                             • Easy Mounting
• Wooden bow mini
• Wooden bow(Senior & junior)

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Wooden Arrow

We provide Wooden Arrow. Prices on request.







Other Options Available                                                         Technical Specification
•Wooden Arrow(Plastic Fletch)                                             •Wooden Arrow Content :- Wooden Shaft
•Wooden Arrow (Spin Veins)                                                 •Plastic Nock
•Arrow Point                                                                              •MS-chromium plated Point
•Arrow Nock                                                                              •PVC Fletches
•Arrow Fletch                                                                            •Smooth Consistent Movement

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Bow Strings

We provide Bow Strings. Prices on request.

Other Options Available                               Technical Specification
String Spool                                                 •High Quality Bow String With Material
Serving jig                                                    •High Quality
Serving Material                                            •Bow String fast flight Material

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Finger Tab

We provide Finger Tab. Prices on request.

Other Options Available                                    Technical Specification
•Finger Tab New With Seprator                        •Use For Indian and Recurred Round
•Finger Tab Economy                                         •Comfort Finger Secretor
•Finger Tab Sub Junior                                      •Available Size :-( Right / Left)
•Finger Tab Mini                                                   •Powder Coat PVC Plate
                                                                                •Replaceable Leather Face 

                                                                                •Small, Medium, Large, Mini 

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Chest Guard

We provide Chest Guard. Prices on request.







Other Options Available                                                       Technical Specification
•Chest Guard Senior                                                              •Soft ,Flexible ,High Quality Nylon
•Chest Guard Junior                                                               •Elasticized Side Band For Added Adjustment
•Chest Guard sub Junior                                                       •Comfortable And Durable
•Chest Guard mini                                                                  •Specify Right/Left Hand 

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Arm Guard

We provide Arm Guard. Prices on request.

 Other Options Available                                       Technical Specification
Arm Guard Senior                                                  •New Epoxy Material
Arm Guard Junior                                                   •Soft, Flexible, High Protective
Arm Guard New Model                                          •Easily Forms To Contour Of Arm
Specify Right & Left Hand

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Quiver Big

We provide Quiver Big. Prices on request.

Other Options Available                              Technical Specification
Quiver Sub Junior                                         •Available Type :-( Right/Left) Medium, Large
Quiver Mini                                                     •Arrow Separator Quiver
Quiver Advance                                             •Two Accessory Pockets.
Quiver Arrow Separation
Quiver Junior

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Bow Stand Iron

We provide Bow Stand Iron. Prices on request.

Other Options Available                               Technical Specification
Bow Stand New Electroplated                      •Light Weight MS Strong
Compound Bow Stand kit                              •Durable
                                                                              •Complete Folding Electroplated
Perfect Stand To Hold your Indian Round
                                                                              Easily Storage And Travel
                                                                              Bow String With Material

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Target Faces 80 cm/ 122 Cm

We provide Target Faces 40 Cm/ 80 Cm/ 122 Cm. Prices on request.








Other Options Available                                       Technical Specification
Target(122cm,80cm,40 cm)                                •Soft Wood
Target Face Sticker(122cm,80cm)                     •Easy For Shifting
Target pin                                                                •100 % Technically Measured 

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Target Stand & Buttress

We provide Target Stand & Buttress. Prices on request.

     Other Options Available                            Technical Specification
Target Buttress                                           •Compress Straw Mattress
    Target Stand                                                •Size-124cm X 124 cm X 11cm
                                                                            •Weight-50 to 55 Kg.
Material-Grass, Rubber

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Target Pin

We provide Target Pin. Prices on request.