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We supply a complete range of track and field equipment manufactured by ATE, NELCO, VINEX etc which meets all the requirements of training and competition to the highest standards keeping the safety of the Athletes in mind.



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Relay Batons Aluminum

We provide Relay Batons Aluminum. Prices on request.

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High Jump/ Pole Vault Landing Area

We provide High Jump/ Pole Vault Landing Area. Prices on request.

      -Hign Jump Landing Area-

6m X 4m X 0.71m

1. High Quality water proof fabric. Urethane foam, 3 base units, 7 cm top pad. Vinyl coated woven polyester fabric for cover. Non treating vinyl coated woven polyester mash fabric on base top and top pad for extra soft landing,
2. Rain cover and platform are optional and must be ordered separately.
3. All pits have cutout for stands/ Mode to College, University and School programmers.


-Pole Vault Landing Area-

        10.00m x 8.00m x 87cm

Made out of high quality water proof fabric Urethane foam, 3 base unit, 2 Front top red blocks and 7cm top pad IAAF certified.


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High Jump/ Pole Vault Cross Bar

We provide High Jump/ Pole Vault Cross Bar (Aluminum/ Fiberglass). Prices on request.

         -Aluminium Cross Bar-                              -Fibreglass Cross Bar-


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We provide Discuss both for Training & Competition certified by IAAF in different weights for Men, Women & Youth.
Prices on request.

Discuss Made of Steel Rim  
Popular Competition Wood ATE  







Discuss Made of Solid Rubber:
Black Practice- NELCO


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We provide Trouble free Hurdles made of strong steel both for Competition & Training from ATE/ NELCO/ VINEX/ KOBO. Prices on request.

    -Training Model-             -Essential Rocking-        -Stadium Square Folding-         -International-  


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Hammer Throw

We provide Hammers made of Iron/ Brass for Training & Competition both for Junior & Senior, Men & Women. Prices on request.

Hammer Turned Iron, Hammer Gloves, Hammer Cage, Hammer Circle, Hammer Wire, Hammer Handles and Hammer Rack.


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High Jump Standards

We provide High Jump Standards Aluminums in different Heights both for Competition & School level. Prices on request.


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We provide Javelins made of Aluminums for Training in different categories manufactured by ATE/ NELCO. IAAF Certified distance rated Javelins made of Carbon for Competition. Prices on request.

Aluminums ATE/ NELCO


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Measuring Tapes

We provide Measuring Tapes.
Prices on request.

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Running Shoes

We provide Running Shoes manufactured by NIVIA. Prices on request.

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Starting Blocks

We provide Starting Blocks of International Quality manufactured by ATE/ NELCO to IAAF Standards. Prices on request.

   -Starting Block ATE-                                   -Starting Block Nelco-


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We provide Supporters.
Prices on request.

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Skipping Ropes

We provide Skipping Ropes. Prices on request.


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Stop Watches

We provide Stop Watches manufactured by CASIO/ RACER. Prices on request.


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Shot Put

We provide Shot Put manufactured by ATE/ NELCO made of Brass, Steel & Iron both for Competition & Training in different Weights & Diameters.
Prices on request.

      -Shot Put ATE-                             -Shot Put Nelco-


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We provide Whistles. Prices on request.

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Take Off Board

We provide Take Off Board manufactured by ATE/ NELCO. Prices on request.

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Toe Board

We provide Toe Board manufactured by ATE/ NELCO. Prices on request.