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Boxing/ Punching

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We manufacture and supply complete range of Boxing equipment to the highest standards keeping in mind value and safety of the Boxers.

Our equipment meets all the requirements of FIBA. We had the privilege of being the official suppliers of Boxing Gloves & Boxing Ring to the Asian Games held in New Delhi in 1982.


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Boxing Gloves

We manufacture Leather Boxing Gloves filled with Foam in different Weights both for Training & Competition as per FIBA Rules. Prices on request.


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Boxing Hand Wraps

We provide Boxing Hand Wraps. Prices on request.

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Head Guards

We provide Boxing Head Guards. Prices on request.


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Heavy Bag

We provide Heavy Bag.

We manufacture Punching Bags in Leather/ Canvas in different sizes.

Prices on request.

          -Boxing Heavy Bag-                          -Punching Heavy Bag-


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Boxing Accessories

We provide Boxing Accessories- Mouth guard, Dress, Gowns, etc. Prices on request.

        -Mouth Pieces/ Mouth Guard-                                -Boxing Dress-


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Punching Gloves

We manufacture Punching Gloves in different Designs. Prices on request.

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Protective Gear

We provide Boxing Protective Gear. Prices on request.

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Punching Pads

We provide Punching Pads. Prices on request.